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Table of Contents

Preface & Pep Talk


Part 1  Getting Started: Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Creating?

Chapter 1 Being Columbus

Ch. 2 Do You Ever Play Your Horn?

Ch. 3 Beware of Philip Farkas

Ch. 4 “Often It Is the Horn Player”

Ch. 5 The Creative Habit


Part 2  Adding Wow to Technical Routines

Ch. 6 The End of Scales

I. Introduction

II. Alternate Scale Proficiency Test Preparation

III. Making Music

Ch. 7  Spicing Up Technique

I. Warm-Up Spice

II. Scale Spice

III. Arpeggio Spice

Ch. 8 The Card Deck Workout

Ch. 9 Adding Variants to Practice Routines


Part 3  Inkless Playing: the Benefits of an Aural Approach

Ch. 10 Recreating Recreation: Using Aural Tradition to Add Pizzazz to Interpretation

Ch. 11 The Ears Have It

Ch. 12 How to Have Fun on the Horn with Friends and Without Ink

Ch. 13 Technique Through Tunes: Using Familiar Tunes to Develop Technical and Aural Skills


Part 4  Improvisation

Ch. 14 Getting Started in Improvisation

Ch. 15 Improvised Duets as Collaborative Learning

Ch. 16 Ground Hog Day & the DA

Ch. 17 Improv Games Greatest Hits

Ch. 18 Improv Starter Kit


Part 5  Composing

Ch. 19 Composing Made Easy

Ch. 20 Blueprint for Success

Ch. 21 The Ultimate Etude Machine

Ch. 22 Performers as Composers

Ch. 23 The Personal Etude


Part 6 Idea Generation

Ch. 24 The Benefits of Forcing It

Ch. 25 Creativity’s Magic Word: SCAMPER


Part 7 Looking Ahead

Ch. 26 The Mystery of Musical Creativity

Ch. 27 Old Chicago, New UnChicago: A New Lesson Paradigm?

Ch. 28 Classical Garage Bands

Ch. 29 Making Music in the New Millennium

Ch. 30  Being Purple




Patterns and Scales

Scale and Chord Chart

Familiar Tunes List

Classical Garage Band – How-To Outline

The Story of Fishmael

Recommended Reading