The Golden Horns from Finland

The Golden Horns from Finland

You Play Horn!

I took a chance and ordered a new book devoted to horn solos, duos, trios and quartets by The Golden Horns from Finland.  It has to be the most innovative, fun, and groovy book for horn ever written.  I am stunned by the concept and the amazing insight they have brought to horn chamber music and the introduction of rock, “world music” rhythms, jazz, etc. to young horn players.

The book includes a CD which has accompaniments for each piece (16 different pieces).  These are electronic, but give young horn players fun, funky and modern music to play with.  The layout of the book is as innovative as the musical concept.  Prior to each piece the student(s) are given short exercises to help prepare the piece, with suggestions for how to practice the piece.  Each piece is graded in difficulty, but even the more difficult ones have 1 or 2 parts (in the trios or quartets) which are easier for less accomplished students.  Many of the pieces are great introductions to jazz rhythms and some more technical horn techniques. I imagine that even advanced players and professionals could have some fun with this book because there aren’t any limits to what you could do with this material, especially as an improvisation exercise.

The first piece in the book Ruttuvaara School Disco can be played by students with only a couple of weeks of horn under their belt.  This one piece is worth the price of the book+CD.  If you have a studio of young horn players this book is a gift from heaven.  I have included a 1 minute excerpt of the this piece to give you an idea of how fun this book will be.  I have also included a scan of the table of contents to give you an idea of the the layout.  Many pieces are arranged in such a way that they may be played by 1,2,3 or 4 players, and there is nothing stopping you from doubling parts to use more players.

If you are interested you may purchase the book from links at their website.  They are €35 + shipping (€5 in Europe).  The website and book are in Finnish and English.

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